Kelso Services provides the keys to your marketing success.

Kelso has a track record of innovative web marketing services and concepts for a diverse client list. From the 1994 creation of the internet presence of Keystone Leasing, to the representation and website design for renowned Italian pop music stylist, Veronica Ventavoli, to the representation and publication of Secrets. Tips, and Tricks of a Powerful Memory, by author/educator Barry Reitman, Kelso Services leads the way in creating online presence .

A Sampling of Website Design, Hosting and SEO Clients

NAELB LEASING SCHOOL — A major trade association’s professional academy website.

POWERFUL MEMORY SECRETS — How’s your memory? This free newsletter will improve it.

LISTENING CLOSELY — A Speaker/Author/Advocate‘s incredible journey back from hearing loss.

VERONICA VENTAVOLIBi-lingual website for a brilliant Italian pop singer/stylist.

GARY UNDERWOOD MUSIC — Instrument repair, sales, and restoration by the leading expert in the Southeastern U.S.

GALE CAPITAL SOLUTIONS — A commercial banker establishes an equipment leasing/finance company.

LEASING EXPERT WITNESS — From unseen to top of Page One on Google searches.

JOY-LYNN — A simple portfolio of a multi-talented graphic designer with top-level clients.

KEYSTONE LEASING — Web marketing since the year 4 BG (1994 — 4 years Before Google). The cobbler’s child needs new shoes. Kelso Services has recently made a major changes in its servers and platforms. Since clients come first, Kelso’s Keystone Leasing division, um, needs new shoes.